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    EDIT: WTF? The forums deleted like... 3/4s of my post. I'll try and shorten it and see if it goes through. Tales of Phantasia - Cless Tales of Destiny PSX - Stahn Tales of Destiny Remake - Stahn/Lilith/Leon Tales of Destiny 2 - Kyle/Reala Tales of Symphonia - Lloyd Tales of the Abyss - Natalia Tales of Vesperia - Rita Tales of Graces/F - Cheria Tales of the World, Radiant Mythology, 1 - Descender Tales of the World, Radiant Mythology, 3 - Marta Tales of Phantasia, Narikiri Dungeon X - Kururu Tales of Symphonia, Dawn of the New World - Marta Tales of VS - Lloyd EDIT while editing: So it appears I can't write long posts or use paragraphs... I think the forums don't like macs or something, since it's fine when I use my other computers. o_o;; I'll fix this post when I get home, if nobody has responded by then.
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