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    ...Hm, maybe I should bring my immortal!Miharu in anyways. XD In fact; here let me work on it! XD Just warning you, she will be a ninja, but other than that she'll keep the rest of her powers hidden. By ninja, I mean Naruto ninja. XD But she won't be doing much jutsus...just...Shadow Clone? XD And teleportation. And seals. And Genjutsu (if only to hide her Sharingan), BUT I SWEAR THAT'S IT! I would get Satoshi in here too...but he's a genius and I'm not sure if it would be okay to have a lot of geniuses...

    Name*: Yui Uchiha

    Age*: Beginning of time + 1 (although she looks 19)

    Gender*: Female

    Personality: Yui has one of the strangest personalities that you will ever know. At one time, she usually teases people and acts fairly happy, and likes to get drunk, but at other times, usually when she gets somewhat serious (she never gets fully serious) she likes to make other mad. When she sleeps though, she often has night terrors of everything she has done badly in the past. She's jumpy all of the time and even one small rustle will make her ready to fight. She can tell, however, when people are friends or foes, and can sense a presence from miles away. If someone has ever asked her about her powers, she usually brushes it off or says she has had psychic powers ever since she was little, which is better than telling people she is an immortal whose been alive since the beginning of time. She also knows everyone in at least some position of power or anyone who has helped save the world.

    Appearance*: Yui has long black hair and black eyes. She is about 5'8 and weighs about 110 pounds. She looks very skinny, and you can't even see her muscles, but she has a lot of power hidden in her weak demeanor. She usually wears a long sleeved, black shirt with a small Uchiha Crest on the blade of her shoulder and wears blue jeans. She has a knife pouch on both of her legs, and she has a strange pattern on both of her hands. She has a Japanese colouring as she is Japanese.


    RP sample:

    Notes: Knows every language in all of the worlds out there. Has helped create every martial arts out there. Is not a genius. Uses her power in percentage, and has never used 100% of her power before in her whole entire life. Has slight super healing, but her immune system cannot protect against viruses, and even some poisons, although the poisons' effects are generally weaker and last shorter.

    Species: Gardevoir
    Name: Katsu (Victorious)
    Gender: Female
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