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Originally Posted by Twiggity Twang View Post
If it is Lightning Strike (Which I highly doubt, but do show mild support for), it will only be a last resort-type move. I personally think it is either Return or Hidden Power (While it is shown to be a physical attack that Pikachu is using, Regigigas' HP was just weird in the Anime, so you never know). These are the most likely, but it could be Wild Charge or Volt change, for all we know.
The move to me looks too powerful to be Hidden power or Return. I can actually seeing it be Volt Change since that'll make more sense then Return or Hidden power. Pikachu looked as if he was going to use Vol tackle when it was charging up then letting the attack out in the air. The attack looked like electricity to me not Hidden power. Last time I checked in DP; Hidden power looked different then that but then again, so did Iron tail since they have new animation for Pokemon. Wild Charge might be the attack as well but it would be interesting if Pikachu new Lightning Strike though. He'll most likely learn it at the end of the series hopefully.