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    Originally Posted by PlatinumDude View Post
    Apart from Ash batting Cynthia, I'd like to see Dawn battle against Misty or Iris. I also want to see Gary vs. Paul.
    Originally Posted by yossarian View Post
    Ash vs Proffesor Oak
    Originally Posted by Dooonerz View Post
    Lance v Cynthia, that would be a game.
    Originally Posted by Mew~ View Post
    I wanna see Ash battle N!~ :3

    Though, nothings comfirmed he will be in BW
    Originally Posted by ΣŁ1ŦΣ CHΛRIΖΛЯĐ View Post
    id like to see Ash Vs. Jimmy (from pokemon chronicles)(the main character in pokemon gold), i think that would be a good match.
    All of these mentioned above, plus:

    Drake vs. Drake/Yuji (Witness the raw power...OF DRAGONS!!!)

    Lance vs. Drake (Witness the raw power...OF DRAGONS...AGAIN!!!)

    Ash vs. Steven (come on, one of the coolest Champions ever and he even visited Johto! And how the heck does Wallace have more anime appearances than the original Hoenn Champion?!!)

    Lance and Steven vs. Cynthia and Adeku (Multi Battle; or some variant thereof. BATTLE OF THE CHAMPIONS!)

    Palmer vs. Barry (father-and-son moment could be touching, similar to the one in RSE with Norman)

    Ash vs. the other Sinnoh Frontier Brains
    (why the heck hasn't Dahlia appeared in the anime yet?! T_T)

    Ash vs. Iris and Old Man Shaga (tag team battle for the actual 8th Unova badge; then Ash vs Iris in a 6v6 battle just for kicks)

    Ash vs. Touya and/or Touko (I really wanted to see Touko pwn Ash in the anime with a Snivy, just like Trip did, but in a different manner. And Touya just looks BA).

    Ash vs. Brendan/Sean (I started with Generation 3 of the Pokemon games, so Brendan [who I renamed Sean] is the player character I'm most attached to. Another RSE arc in Best Wishes could make this happen!)

    Ash vs. Gary (with Gary in Green's Blue's Jerk's Gary's HGSS outfit, reminiscent of the 2nd Wave Champion Battle in FRLG or the final "rematch team" in HGSS)

    Ash vs. Wallace (Hoenn Trainers did it in Emerald, so Ash might as well.)

    Giovanni vs. Cyrus (an epic clash of wills - the original RBY Team Rocket antagonist versus the mentally deranged leader of Team Galaxy Galactic!)

    Screw all those filler COTD battles against Ash. Why haven't these matchups happened yet?!
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