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thank you for the critique, bobandbill .
I have tried to implicate that into this chapter, I'm kinda proud of it. This is where the good stuff starts :D !


PL VS AA: The Twin Siren - Chapter 1: Subtle Beginnings

"Wow, Professor, another mystery solved!" Luke celebrated, jumping in his seat of the Laytonmobile.

"Now Luke, quite down, we must let Flora get her rest." Professor Layton responded to Luke's uproar, motioning to a sleeping Flora in the back seat. Professor Layton and company had just solved a thrilling mystery, and were now travelling back home to London. There was a light rain, and the night sky began to turn a dark blue.

"Hmm... I don't think we will arrive in London before nightfall. I believe we must find a resting place for the night." Layton concluded, noticing the darkening sky ahead.

"Well, I think there is a small motel around here somewhere," Luke said, "there was a sign on the road."

"Wonderful," Layton said cheerfully, "speaking of hotels, I found a puzzle quite challenging in the paper yesterday. It was quite a formidable challenge, it goes something like this..." The duo were still conversing over mind challenging puzzles when Layton parked the Laytonmobile in front of the hotel. Staring through the window of the car, both men thought a motel would be a more accurate description for the establishment. There was only one story, but it looked rather large from the outside. It looked like a large yet cosy home, a perfect resting spot. Both Layton and Luke exited the Laytonmobile, and Layton tried to gently wake up Flora while Luke picked up the suitcases for their stay.

"Flora, dear, wake up," Layton said, giving her a gentle poke.

"Huh?" Flora rolled her head on her seat, groggily opening her eyes. She realised the Laytonmobile was stationary and quickly climbed out of the car, the door being held open by a polite layton. She thanked him with a giggle and the three entered the motel, Layton explaining the situation as they entered. A beautiful young lady was at the receptionist desk, her eyes seemed to light up as potential new residents entered. Layton, Luke and Flora began to walk through the lobby, inspecting their surroundings. Despite being rather empty, the inside of the hotel fitted the cosy appeal just like the outside. There were decorative plants and a couch facing a television.

The couch was currently occupied by a man with spiky hair, and two females dressed in odd robes. Luke seemed to blush at the youngest girl, they were both teenagers. As the lobby was rather empty, their conversation could be heard.

"Maya, I don't think there are any waterfalls here, stop asking already!" The man said, addressing one of the robed women.

"Oh come on, Nick! I thought this whole vacation was to find more training places!" The older female answered, batting her eyelids in a playful manner.

"Mr. Nick, you should find a waterfall for your special someone!" The youngest of the three said, pulling up her sleeves in an intimidating manner. The three began to bicker in quiet voices, and their conversation became inaudible just as Layton reached the front desk. The woman at the desk had glowing blonde hair and a cute face, she addressed Layton with a giggle.

"Welcome to my motel, would you like a room to stay?" She asked, swaying in place while waiting for a reply.

"Yes, please. Are two rooms available? We are in need of shelter for the night, and this place looks rather cosy." Layton replied, tipping his hat in acquaintance.

"Of course, I know the perfect rooms!" The girl giggled, searching on her computer, "The total price comes to one hundred and twelve dollars."

"Certainly," Layton replied, placing the exact change into the girls hand.

"Wonderful!" She laughed again and handed Layton two brass keys, "Your rooms are numbers eleven and twelve. Enjoy your stay at Motel Siren!"

"Thank you, young lady," and with that Layton, Flora and Luke went to go locate their rooms. Professor Layton handed one key to Flora and they both inserted their keys into the doors. Flora entered her room alone and Layton and Luke entered theirs. Both rooms were similar in detail, the only difference being a double bed for Flora and two singles for Layton and Luke. Each room contained a bathroom and a small television for
entertainment. Luke dumped his suitcase on his bed and place Layton's on his. Luke then unlatched his suitcase, the contents exploding onto his bed.

"Wow! This bed is super-comfy!" Luke exclaimed joyfully, testing his bed's bounce. The contents of his suitcase now falling onto the floor, Layton decided to return to the lobby while Luke organized his belongings and changed into his pyjamas. Upon returning to the lobby, Layton noticed the lady at the front desk had disappeared, but the three on the couch remained. A blue ball bumped into Layton's shoe, he bent down and picked up the ball as the little girl ran up to retrieve it. She retreated once she saw Layton, but he walked towards her and handed her the ball.

"Here you go, be sure to keep an eye on your belongings," Layton said with a smile. The little girl looked at Layton, then shyly ran behind Maya, clutching her robes.

"Come on now, Pearl, say thank you. He's not going to bite your head off." Maya said, approaching Layton with a wide grin.

"Thanks for getting Pearl's ball, she's a little shy around new people," Maya said, explaining Pearl's behaviour.

"Ah, not to worry, a precious jewel like her needs to be cautious," Layton said with a small laugh.

"She certainly does! My name is Maya, spirit medium in training," Maya said, formally introducing herself.

"Pleasure to make your acquaintance," Layton said, shaking Maya's hand. "I'm Professor Hershel Layton, Archaeologist at Gressenheller University."

"Wow, you must be smart. Nick! Come say hello to the Professor!" Maya said, turning around so Nick was included in the conversation. Nick approached Layton with an easy-going smile, and introduced himself.

"How are you, I'm Phoenix Wright, Defence Attorney." Wright shook Layton's hand, scratching his head at the same time.

"I was under the impression from Maya that your name was Nick." Layton stated, trying to start a conversation.

"Well, that's actually a long story," Wright explained. Luke and Flora emerged from their rooms in their pyjama's, walking up to Layton. Luke was wearing his striped pyjamas and Flora in a peach night-gown.

"Ah. Flora, Luke, come meet our new friends," Professor Layton said, moving to the side so everyone could get acquainted.

"This is Phoenix, Maya and Pearl," Layton explained, naming everyone in the room. Everyone exchanged introductions and went into their rooms for the night.

The receptionist, Renae, finished writing in her diary before clasping the lock on the book snap shut. She swung her chair around and stared out of her window, witnessing the moon rise. Her eyes were following the moon, she then felt some sudden breathing difficulties. Gasping for air, she feel to the floor, clutching the corner of the desk. She regained her posture, standing up with a completely different aura. Growling as she breathed, Renae ran out of her room, searching the hotel.

"Revenge! I want revenge!" Her words were malicious and evil as she burst into Flora's room. Flora awoke with a jump, but before having time to react Renae flicked her wrist and sent decorations of the room flying towards her. Without making contact with them, Renae threw the decoration at Flora, successfully knocking her out. She then heaved Flora's unconscious body down into the managers office. Layton and Luke woke up, hearing the odd noises in the hallway. Bursting out of their room in their pajamas they noticed Flora's door was ajar, they peered into her room and noticed the sheets upon the floor and a rather large metal ball askew on the floor.

"Flora?" Luke said, not expecting a response. Layton ran outside the room and witnessed Flora being hauled into the Manager's room. Layton heard a click as Renae locked the door, taking Flora with her.

"Flora!" Layton said, he and Luke beginning to run towards the door.


Tell me if it was good
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