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Time for the next installment! Enjoy!

Let's Play Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness

Part 4

Justy tells me that there's been sighting of suspicious characters in and about a seemingly random spot in the desert. Before I leave to investigate, I drop by the Mayor's house for a very nice gift... the Exp. Share. It's about to come in handy, as my Spot Monitor goes off before I hit the road... and this time it's the final member of my team... a Lv16 Trapinch! I catch the little guy, give it the Exp. hare, and finally head to the desert location. And... I get stuck... and head back to Phenac. There, I get an email from Nett, summoning me back to ONBS and the hellhole called Pyrite.

Okay, so after talking with an old man and his little girl about some random missing Pokemon (why can't Sherles and Johnson take care of this minor crap so I can focus on Cipher?) I actually (GASP!) get a useful lead. Makan back at Gateon Port can help with my little transportation conundrum!

Gateon Port

Back at the Parts shop, Perr's there but not Makan. And there's a news broadcast of me laying the smackdown on Snattle. Cool. But the main issue is, Makan's back hanging out with Kaminko again, so... I have a feeling someone's not gonna recognize me there...

Heading out, though, someone does recognize me... old man Verich and his two bodyguards. The one in red stares at me for a couple moments, which is kinda unnerving... no matter, though. Onto Kaminko's place!

Kaminko's House

Well, as I suspected, Chobin thinks I'm a burglar again, so I have to battle him. Simple enough, but then Dr. K comes out to unleash his latest project and weapon to use against burglars (or people he suspects of being burglars) - the Robo Groudon. Well, apparently this thing is driven by Chobin and I have a feeling the real Groudon would not be impressed.

Victor vs. Chobin

Video of battle under spoiler tag.

Robo Groudon obviously wasn't the awesome machine of doom that Dr. K thought it would be, so he gives Robo Groudon to Chobin and has Makan take the remains of a Robo Kyogre machine... Speaking of which...

I head to the basement of Chobin's house and have a word with Makan. He agrees to help out with a hover conversion kit and we head back to Gateon Port to equip it. Time to head into the desert!

S.S. Libra

Well, here's something you don't see every day... a ruined ship in the desert... I make my way to the deck and run into more Cipher agents... a big gorilla-like dude named Gorigan, a Peon who spouts off random numbers and statistics, and a second Peon who sticks around to get creamed by me. An annoying and boring set of box-moving puzzles and an encounter with that ugly lost Pokemon follows. At least I get the Flamethrower TM in the process. I'm finally ready to leave this blasted place when I'm ambushed by these bald guys in black and red who call themselves Team Snagem. Too cowardly to fight me fairly, Wakin has his Gloom put me to sleep. I awaken in the ship with my Snag Machine stolen... well, this can't be good...

Anyway, the dude who's set up residence aboard the ship directs me to another location where both Cipher and Snagem were apparently headed to. If I want to get back to my mission, I'd better follow suit.

Cipher Key Lair

Well, this is interesting... a steel pyramid. And it looks like ugly man Zook from Gateon is standing watch here... After seeing him cream Team Snagem member Biden (any relation to the US Vice Prez?) and sending them packing, I'm forced into battle with the clown. He has a Shadow Zangoose. Damn, I can't Snag it without my Snag machine. And it hits pretty hard too. But no matter, there's no way I'm losing to someone that ugly. After Zook's defeat I still can't get into the compound proper. Well, I do get another ONBS email so maybe they know something that'll be helpful.

Back at ONBS, Secc gives me the lowdown on who these Team Snagem guys are (one time Cipher allies who were left for dead but somehow persevered) and points out a posible contact person I should get in touch with.

Outskirt Stand

Wow, gas stations here are really run down. But more importantly my Miror B. radar goes off. Sure enough, Folly and Trudly emerge from the building. After some surprisingly philosophical (for those two at least) dicussion, the man himself comes out. Finally! I've been waiting for my chance to boogie down with Miror B. again!

Victor vs. Miror B.

Video of battle under spoiler tag.

Yes, I realize the image in the divider bar above is of Colosseum's Miror B., but Bulbapedia doesn't have an equivalent image for XD Miror B. so this one will have to do.

After getting my groove on, I figure I ought to talk to the contact person inside, a guy named Hordel. He reveals that the big pyramid is the Shadow Pokemon production center, and he's a former Cipher member who grew to hate his job and went in hiding. He managed to secret away a Shadow Togepi. Since Togepi is hardly a battle-worthy Pokemon, it's off to the Purify Chamber with it!

Another email from Secc, but at least this time I don't have to return to Pyrite. This time, I get directions to Team Snagem's hideout, so I can take the fight to them and reclaim my Snag Machine. But first...

Rider Willie wants to challenge me. Well, I'm never one to turn down easy experience, so I decide to take him on. Not satisfied yet, I decide it's time to head to Mt. Battle for a bit more training...

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