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    Pokemon Dark Spirit

    You, start in a small village you were born in, it's your birthday and you're finally old enough to get your first Pokemon. You live in a 1 room apartment/flat with your older brother in the hope that through battling you'll be able to move.

    You travel the short route to the next town to visit Prof to collect your first Pokemon, you get there and recieve your starter (possibly Eevee). On your way back you run into your rival (though in this he will be a friend) and have your first taste of a battle. You get home and inform your brother you'll be leaving on your journey.

    Through out travelling the land you'll be able to encounter 390 Pokemon (Gen III + a couple others), through out your travels you'll hear people talk of Legends of a perished legendary Pokemon who used to look after the land before humans got to the land.

    - Being able to buy houses
    - Unique puzzles, some confusing, some simple

    + more

    I've only got a rough idea at the minute and well it's changing at the minute, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.