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    Originally Posted by RASENCERO View Post
    Maybe Tatsuki and Rukia didn't hang around that much, Rukia and Orihime are somewhat closer. It does raises a lot of questions...
    *grabs Questions and puts them in the Jar Of Still Unanswered Questions (JOSUQ? XD)*

    I was thinking about it, after my last post about Orihime's pins being her Fullbring, and I came up with this:
    I do believe that the Hougyoku had a hand in creating Orihime and Chad's power in a similar Fullbring way. It is way to unlikely that they got Fullbring powers due to hollow attacks. Considering that they are the main characters and they all know each other and all suddenly get powers when needed. Statistically improbable! I mean the current Furby's most likely didn't know each other before their powers. Just a theory though.
    Yeah, your Jar is full. Sorry about that, I ran out of jars, myself.

    It depends on when the Fullbringers see their powers being used. From the moment they're born, or are consious of their actions? Or maybe it's random? If the former, then that doesn't explain Chad's powers coming so late. If it's dependant on their first face-to-face encounter with a Hollow, then that might work. The Hougyoku likely helped in the powers.

    Originally Posted by minchan View Post
    What concept in Bleach would you liked explored more?

    Hmm I dunno... I guess probably the concept of what "death" really means... And what it means to be "alive"... I know I went into this a while back... At least I think I did... You know, how the people originally from Rukon become shinigami and stuff... I'd like to know how they are considered, in a sense of if they are "alive" or "a spirit" or something... I mean And what about those born within the soul society??? That's what I would wanna know I guess. =P (I'd rather not elaborate on this again...)
    Ah, you have a point there.
    I think there are 2 stages that cycle into each other:
    "alive" when you are born on earth,
    and "dead" which is when your physical body dies. Your soul still exists, and can be sent to Soul Society/Hell, or you can become a Hollow. You then "die" again, in which case you are reincarnated back to Earth.

    I don't know about when you're born in Rukongai, though. I'd give a guess that you're born straight as a soul, not with a physical body, and then you can die and reincarnate onto earth.
    Originally Posted by VarimathraS View Post
    Can I join, please? "Keiri"
    Welcome to the Bleach Fan Club, VarimathraS! I am the Captain of the 12th Squad, I like Pokemon (...) though you may also call me ILP/Ilpy/Ilpeh/Aaroniero/Anternero/Ant/any other nickname.

    So, do you read the manga? Where abouts are you? Remember to spoil anything not aired in the US.
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