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    Here's mine:

    Name: Lucy Glaze
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14
    Role: Hero

    Hometown: Soleacon town,Sinnoh.

    History: Lucy's father was a great trainer. However,her father went away to the Hoenn region when Lucy was very young. Lucy wants to meet her father again.
    Lucy's mother was a breeder. She is currently living in Soleacon town. Lucy was bullied before. She hates
    bullies,and she stands up for herself now. Her first Pokemon was a Jigglypuff,but she eventually released it.
    Lucy is also a breeder. The first Pokemon she ever bred was a Ponyta. That's why it's her pokemon.
    She is not very new to Pokemon. She has started her journey,and hopes to meet her father.

    Personality: Lucy is very sweet and kind. But mysterious sometimes.
    If someone bothers her,she'll ignore them. she's also competitive.
    she likes to battle and a good walk on the beach. She dislikes
    bullies and traitors. She can be very quiet when around new people,but with friends or family,she
    bursts with loudness.

    Looks: Lucy has long straight black hair. Her height is average. She usually wears
    a Purple T-shirt with different kinds of Pokemon on it. She wears blue
    jeans.Sometimes,she ties her hair to a pony tail. She has brown eyes and weighs about 105 pounds.

    Lucy's Likes: Battles,Walks on beaches.
    Dislikes: Bullies,Traitors.

    Pokemon: Ponyta
    Gender: Male
    Ponyta's likes: Battling,running.
    Dislikes: Traitors,ghost pokemon.
    Moves: Flamethrower,stomp,growl,bounce.

    Platinum FC: 4255 2991 8776
    Name: Jen

    White FC: 3825 8284 0058
    Name: Tasha

    Please help me hatch my eggs\level up my pokemon!
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