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    Name: Sara Goodman
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Role: Hero

    Hometown: Eterna City

    Personality: Sara is a very quiet girl. She rarely says anything at any time and usually perfers to be by herself. Sara hates crowds and usually if she finds herself in one, she will do what she can to get out of it. Though rarely, if she does stay in a crowd for too long then she could have a panic attack, though she has developed some techniques so that she can deal with it. When she's with the few close friends that she has, she can be talkitive enough, though she will still be more of a listener. When facing conflict, Sara will usually do what she can to get away. Sara likes to spend quite a bit of time thinking and she is content with everyday life, not really wanting anything to change.

    Sara can seem flakely or self-centered at times, though this comes from her not knowing how to interact with people. She tries and every now and then she can really got along with a person and they become friends. She is very loyal to any who she is considers to be close with and will do what she can to help that person out.

    History: Sara lived a very normal life in Eternal City. Her father worked in an office while her mother staid home and took care of the house. Sara just couldn't really make friends with the kids in her neighbourhood. She found that she didn't know much of any of the common social graces and often found herself laughing at the wrong time or just staring into space when a person was trying to have a deep conversation with her. She just didn't really know how to connect with too many people.

    Sara had often heard of Pokemon, though it was like hearing about a war that been fought years ago in a far off land. Sure, it had been a big deal at the time, but now it didn't really mean much of anything to the girl. She had seen Pokemon every now and then on the edges of path, but they didn't really matter. After all, how could they affect her life?

    Despite that, Sara often found her thoughts drifting to the strang animals that occupied their land. There was just something about them. Though she would never admit it, she found them very interesting and wished that she could study them further. But then, her parents just wanted her to think of pratical things like school and work. No point in thinking about these creatures that no longer mattered in their society. Still...Sara couldn't ever help but think about them and study them once in a while when she thought she could get away with it. Then kids started to get Pokemon mysteriously. Sara couldn't help but pray each and every night that, when she woke up, an old fashion pokeball would be by her bed side, just like all of her friends told her what happened.

    Looks: Sara is fairly short, standing in at only five feet four inches. She's pretty much all skin and bones, weighing at 100 pounds. Her eyes are blue and she has short red hair with some black highlights near the back on the inside. Her face is oval and her features are average.

    Sara usually wears a blue, long sleeved shirt with a white dragon eating its own tail on the front. Over that she has one a grey vest with an Umbreon sitting down and looking up at the moon. Under that she has on skinny blue jeans with plain white sneakers. She also has a black bandana around her neck and, sometimes, red fingerless gloves on her hands.

    Starting Pokemon: Zoroark

    Nickname: Crevan

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Crevan is a very loyal Pokemon, though this loyality must sometimes be earned. He can often seem alof and won't really care or react to what is going on. But he does care about people, especially girls, and will do what he came to help them if they are in trouble of if he feels they just need some company. He likes to go around in a human form while in public so that he doesn't scare or alarm anyone, though he does do that from time to time just for fun.

    Human Appearance: In human form, he looks like a handsome, white man around 20 years old. Crevan is around 6 feet tall weights 180 pounds of almost all muscle. He has blue eyes and very long dark red hair that has black highlights and is in a pony tail with a teal band. He wears a black shirt with the words "Surrender Now" in white, block letters. He also wears grey jeans with but doesn't wear any shoes.

    Attacks: Foul Play, Night Burst, Flamethrower, Extrasensory.

    Hope this is good enough.

    I would like to thank GodofPH for making this wonderful Sig Banner.
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