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It's about time I stopped being lazy and gave you my cnc since you want it and it's forced.
I like the colouration you've used with this tag, but I'm just not too fond of the tag itself imo. I think what you've done is tried to take a stock and render it into a 3D esque thing with using C4Ds with it, and I think C4Ds are important to any tag, but I just feel as if they don't really work on this tag. Or at least the colours don't anyway. You've tried to go with all the nice pirate colours of brown, white, green etc. and you've ended up throwing some bright blues and pinks in there and I don't understand how it works. Also I think something that doesn't work with this tag is that it's a stock with more than one person in it, and I think you've only tried to make the one person stand out. My opinion is that you should have tried to make Chopper stand out a bit more than he does as it looks like you've blurred him out a bit.
I'm actually really digging this tag right now. I'm not too sure in what you've used, either a render or a stock, but it still looks great. I like how you've used much exclusion to alter the colours so much that you can tell they're not the original colours, but still making it look good. Props to you on that. Smudging effects look great and the colouration of the focal point looks really good as well. One thing I have a problem with is the text, which can be majorly hard on any tag. You know that, but from your efforts with text on this tag I think you've done quite a good job. Maybe go with a different, more cursive font like Zapfino, or even stay away from truetype fonts, and make your own text.
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