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Just some sort of general comments about the tags with real life people:

1. They are all REALLY flat. The only exception here is this one, but that is really forced depth and not really depth anyway. It is like, focal is in front, everything else is behind. Try and get effects going exactly the way you would with an anime focal. You should have some background effects AS WELL as foreground effects. This baby here is easily the best tag of the RL ones, and the only big sort of criticism is this depth issue. Just something to work on.

2. Clipping masks. In the tag I mentioned above, 'Experiment2c.png', the clipping mask of the face is quite irksome. If you are going to put clipping masks in (especially of the face because it just adds literally a copy of the focal point) make them more distorted with smudging and displacement filters, because really, I never liked the clipping masks just for the hell of it. If the clipping masks make up the effects of the tag, not a single effect, then that's good, but otherwise it just looks iffy.

Speaking of clipping masks and the effects, the last tag you posted in the update, that is way too messy / undefined. The effects you have added are nearly all literally what is already there in the background. Either sharpen the effects up / make them more defined and stuff because otherwise they just look messy and don't really add any appeal to the tag.

Sorry if that was a bit vague, I didn't really give positives / focus on individual tags, but next time the update is a bit smaller and I'm not intimidated by the size of it I will comment more!
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