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    I'm done.

    Name: Richard J. Hope

    Gender: Male

    Age: 14

    Role: Anti-Hero
    Hometown: Hearthome City

    Personality: Richard is a kind person, who could save someone in a dangerous situation. At the same time, he is pessimistic and doesn’t have enough confidence to rush for a battle. Richard hates people who are weak, but actually HE is weak (he would tire in an hour if he was climbing a mountain). When in a good mood, he is talkative, but when he is in a bad mood, he could be silent and angry, even have enough confidence to beat someone. But mostly he is calm(…).

    History: Richard was born in a normal family (well, enough money to buy an another house)( I consider that normal). But he lost his mother at summer before the events of “Lucario and the return of Pokemon”. She just disappeared. After that event, he started to be pessimistic. His dad wanted to give him good education, so he sends Richard to Jubilife High School after finishing homeschool. There he gets bullied one day and loses his mother’s picture. All his life he spent with reading books and playing with his PC.

    Looks: Richard wears black pants, black sweater and an orange jacket. He’s hair is curly, eyes are green, his skin is white. He also wears white and red sneakers. He never wears caps or hats. But he wears black and white leather gloves. After joining Team Rocket, he will cover his face with a blue scarf.

    Likes: Pokemon Encyclopedias, biology books and others.

    Dislikes: Sandwiches, bad people and someone, who killed, caught or kidnapped his mom.

    Starter: Charmander

    Nickname: Flare

    Gender: Male

    Likes: Pokemon snacks, Richard

    Dislikes: Team Rocket

    Moves: Smokescreen Flamethrower Slash Flameburst

    Please tell me if It's not okay. I rushed because of homework.
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