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Name: Midnight Avery Sparkle
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Role: I'm a anti-hero..

Hometown: Hearthome City, Sinnoh


Midnight was always the typical loner, not willing to open up her feelings to people she rarely interacted with. She is usually very secretive, keeping secrets from others most of the time. She has self confidence issues, mainly in making friends. She used to be a very cheerful girl, but the negative side of life had consumed her. There is positive things about her, though. She is very helpful to others, and she tries her best to do things and fulfill her goals. She gives people second chances, hoping they won't make the same mistake as her.

Likes - Night Time, the color Lavender, Relaxing under the shade of a big tree

Dislikes - Bullies, the color Pink, People that don't accept her for who she is


Midnight's mother and father had divorced, leaving her and her older sister in her mother's care. Her mother is a Pokemon Researcher, but she left for Unova to help in identifying the new Pokemon found, leaving her and her older sister in the house in Hearthome.

She was mostly found just hanging at the Amity Square at the time, until one fateful day, a Pokeball appeared next to her bed. With that, she went to Jubilife High School, renting a room in the Jubilife Condominiums with the help of her older sister.

She is not like the "noobs" on Pokemon, but she sometimes doesn't know what action to give to the Pokemon. She had already started her journey, and she hopes to see the different places in Sinnoh.


Hair - Shaggy shoulder-length hair that is accented with shades of brown and deep red violet. It has side hangs with Violet and Purple Reversible Hair Pins.

Face - The color of her eyes is Deep Black, her face shape is oval.

Body Style - Her height five feet exactly. She eats a lot of foods, but she doesn't get fat due to her metabolism, so she is pretty slim, and thin, weighing 39 kg.

Clothes - She mainly wears an Orchid Partition Top, a denim mini ruffled skirt, and Orchid Partition Boots.

Accessories - She only has one accessory: Her Star Pendant. It is a yellow star with small black wings. They glow in the dark.

(If you don't know what she looks like.. check my album. The pictures is the main cover~ Please just imagine the pendant.. xD)

Other things you should know (just added by me): Midnight keeps her full full name secret.. (like as in, Midnight Avery Sparkle), but she only says Midnight Sparkle.. Only very few know her full full name.

Starting Pokemon: Misdreavus

Nickname: Resha

Gender: Female


Shadow Ball
Power Gem

Personality: Resha is a great Pokemon for stealth. She is also one heck of a prankster, scaring people when she can. At first glance, she seems like a normal prankster and typically lazy, but after awhile, she reveals that she is actually very active and intelligent unlike the ordinary Misdreavus seen wild. Although, she is very arrognat and thinks highly of herself, so she has arrogance issues. (like Dawn's Piplup, y'kno?)

Likes - Scaring People and Pokemon, delicious Pokemon food, herself

Dislikes - Anything that bothers her when she is in the zone of pranking foolish Pokemon


That... was long. O.o

Anyway, that's my SU.

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