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    Yay, it's finally out!

    Swastika, of course.

    I think that Ginjou's explanation seems like an arsepull. How would he know, for one thing, and didn't they mention that he was going to be getting their powers instead?

    I like the different ways that Ichigo tried to use his Fullbring. It at least shows that he isn't Mary Sue-ish, and will get it right on the first time, but rather, he will test things out until he gets it right. It shows that he's grown as a fighter, I think.


    Or, actually, it seems like a Getsuga 2.0

    Ah, it looks as though we get a peek at the actual villains, now.

    Originally Posted by VarimathraS View Post
    Nope, I don't read the Manga. Im in the anime @ episode 309.
    Ah. Well I warn you to be careful with spoilers, because some Like mine up there will be talking about the manga.
    Originally Posted by Pikapal642 View Post
    What in the world is a "flange"? I googled it and all I got was the "tool" flange, not a "weapon" flange. 0__o Anyways, finally, I was waiting for this chapter. XD And Orihime better not get kidnapped. -__-
    I'm guessing it's the guard of a sword, because it's the only part similar to his zanpakutou.
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