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    I remember being in 1st grade and sitting in my neighbors garage for about 7 hours playing through my red version. There was street a little ways away from mine that had about 10 guys on it and we were all really into the games at the time. It was my first time going through the game and it was all their second time. I remember I started at Lt. Surge and by the end the of the day I had beaten Sabrina. Good times....

    I also remember once in about 3rd grade I was over at my same friends house. It was a rainy day so we were just kinda sitting around outside waiting for the rain to stop. One of my friends told me that when you beat the game bills backyard opened up and it had every pokemon in the game back there that you could catch. I of course believed them and went home that night to try to figure out how to get into bills backyard. The next day they told me it was a joke -.-

    Another story about those guys, they were the first ones to show me how to do the missingno. glitch back in about 3rd grade as well. I thought it was so cool being able to duplicate rare candies and master balls. It made the end of the game too easy >.<

    Recently I've been playing through red at school on visual boy advanced when I'm done with all of my work. It's been fun and it's great nostalgia. I've also been listening to a lot of the music from red/blue on youtube lately (the best music IMO). Even though I never kept the volume on when I was younger all that often (I wanted to save batteries), I still remember all of the songs somehow.