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    Originally Posted by Darkerm View Post
    Happy to know that one of my favorite hack is back in Business.
    I Love Jhoto more than any other regions.
    Hope New beta will be here soon and we can Play it again.
    BTW, Is there will be any change of tiles or 4th or 5th generation Pokemon in the next version?
    Theres new tiles in beta 3.1 compared to 2.1 and probably a few extras which people haven't seen yet. As for 4th and 5th gen, nope...

    Originally Posted by MikeMatt15 View Post
    This hack is absolutely amazing. Great job. I found an issue though, when in the rocket warehouse in Mahogany, the trainer sent out a ditto, and when it transformed, it froze my game...

    Also, I have a question, In the Q/A you said that the dogs will be like crystal, so are you saying that after I confront Suicune, Raikou and Entei will be free and we can find Raikou and Entei in the wild?
    We the dogs work slightly different due to on of my mandatory events regarding suicune. On the original you had to find sucune on route 36, route 42 and in cianwood city before you could battle him in the tin tower (i think) so with LC the cianwood event is there with the battle with eusine, but the others are not. Once you battle him the two other dogs are released in the wild, but untrackable by the pokedex.

    Originally Posted by rollnik View Post
    hi, what about following you starter? any plans with it?:)
    Nope no plans, there probably wont be.

    Originally Posted by jAvAcOlA View Post
    How come instead of making guys like Scyther and Onix evolve at high levels you don't just make it so leveling them up once with a steel coat or whatever item the certain pokemon needs evolves them? Then it's more like the real games in that you can evolve it pretty much on immediate access to the item. For the original four- Alakazam, Golem, Gengar, and Machamp...there could simply be in-game trades. There is then no tearing apart the evolution system.

    And on a side note...Red's sprite. Zeikku's one bad sprite. Doesn't really look anything like Red, and makes him look like a dweeb.

    Also, to your above point about adding Gen IV and V moves...I think a much better investment would be to incorporate the physical/special split that was introduced in Gen IV. Would that even be possible?
    The split i will add yes, but not too sure on the trades. I've changed most of them since beta 2.1 and the in game trades already exist for the for real trades of Crystal. Not sure about adding extras as it makes it easier for people. I would prefer they discovered how to do it.

    Originally Posted by knightangelx View Post
    hey guys.i was playing the game and was in silph co.the game messed up and i had not saved for a while so i just saved there.i tried to open the game again but it doesnt open and shows a black screen but i can hear sound in background and also go to the menu.can anyone help me?i really do not want start all over again.appreciated.
    Yes theres some odd bug there which im not sure why it occurs.. Theres a long fix which involves swapping the map and all sorts.

    Originally Posted by Nintendork15 View Post
    Just took another glance at the new screens <3

    Goldenrod now has a beach :D (prepares to spend hours running up and down)
    Hehe theres running up and down it thats fun for sure... but what about surfing up and down?

    Originally Posted by Zeikku™ View Post
    I'll make my return now. It was only a matter of time. :)
    I never made those sprites, so your point is invalid. All crappy sprites will be improved, without a doubt.

    First things first:
    Do you guys like the Tileset I made so far? - There's more to create/add soon. Originally, we were going to strip the ROM of all default tiles, but in a way it'd lose the Pokémon feel. I'd hate this hack to look amazing, but have it's event-based element being awful.

    An apology:
    I've been out of action for a while now, so I'm not going to lie - I've lost a lot of interest in ROM hacking due to me becoming a Journalist for The Dashhacks Network. I play games and get paid for it, so I have little time to hack ROMs. I've also got a lot more responsibilities now, including a girlfriend, University and enjoying the last year of being a teenager (I'm 19 now).

    Linkandzelda asked me to do some sprites last week which I haven't forgotten, but I recently got hit with a temporary ban regarding my PlayStation account due to producing hacks for the PlayStation 3. I've spent the last few days getting rid of the traces of these hacks and beating the games I illegitimately downloaded. I now have my main account with 20 Platinum Trophies back and a lot of free time.

    So to Linkandzelda, I'll get the sprites done. This will probably be my last hack with you, but I will help you to achieve the dream we both once had about this. We have other plans, but time will tell.

    I'm not going to lie, I can still sprite like a beast. Check it out: My Artwork since I've been away.

    On a side note:
    Linkandzelda recently ended up in hospital. He tried to pick a fight with the Seagulls that once attacked him in his room. As a result, I'm taking over - I am Co-Owner after all? :D
    Haha thanks zeikku. A touching post. I'll be looking forward to those sprites and tiles for sure!!

    I've been rather busy with college and assignments of the past few weeks, but i started half term for a week yesterday. I have some other projects for this term but im sure that LC testing will be done too. So far i'm up to Mahogany town with everything before already tested. I'll aim to get johto fully tested by the end of this week, but of course more will probably be done. Up until now ive probably fixed over 100 bugs since the release of the beta 3 preview!!!

    Also thanks to Jambo51 for adding in a ton of ASM hacks to make for an enhanced GSC experience in LC.

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