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    Originally Posted by DForte View Post
    this looks really good. i like the battle system. I've always wanted to play a pokemon game with a 3rd person view battle system. The two Eevees looks pretty good. By looking at Necreon (and his name) I'm guessing its a ghost type. I think it should be changed a little because it kind of looks like Glaceon. Although the flashing color is a nice touch. Adreon kind of reminds me of the Pidgey family, so I'm guessing that its a flying type. Anyway, whether I'm wrong or right, you should probably put their types next to their names. I am a little surprised that this hasnt made it to the showcase yet. Seems like you have made a lot to go on.

    Gonna download the demo and try it out a later

    Edit: May I suggest uploading your game to a website such as Megaupload. My virus protection (McAfee) popped up and said the site had potentially dangerous/unwanted files. If you upload to some kind of sharing site, you wont have problems in the future.
    Sure thing, here's on Mediafire:

    And thanks! Yup, you got the types right; and I've asked to move it to the Showcase, but it apparently wasn't approved. :/

    Originally Posted by Invokez View Post
    Looks lovely, Im downloading the demo now. Love the Necreon concept looks epic. Also love that dark fish evo line and the fighting evo line. Not a fan of the psychic one though but still good job
    Thanks! It's curious that there aren't many choosing the Psychic xD

    And yeah, a brilliant job was done with those two Eeveelutions