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Pokemon Monochrone Version
In the Region of Victra an Adventure is about to Unfold
Legend of The Original One
Once There was nothing, just a world full of darkness. However an egg appeared in the Void and it came to be the Original One. It then created Three Beings how had control over Time, Space and Antimatter. He also created creatures to roam the world he just created. He created another Three Beings that gave these creatures Knowledge, Emotions and Strength. However the Original One was not yet happy with his world, it was too monochrome for it. So before he went to sleep he created a being of Colour how gave this world the colour and beauty it has today. The Original One was now happy with his world and went into a long sleep.
Legend of The Victra Region
Hundreds of years ago in the Victra region a group known as the Black Unknown wished to bring an end to this world. The Head of the group as known as Simon the Sorcerer decided to cause the end of the world which he nearly did except he was stopped by The Chosen One who called upon the beings of time, space and antimatter and banished the Black Unknown from this place
Daniel: Main Boy Player
Berry: Main Girl Player
Zachary: Rival
Professor Plum: Professor and Professor Juniper's Twin Sister
Cyrus: Head of Team Radar and Galactic, Revealed to be Simon
Simon: The Evil Head of the Black Unknown
Jack: A Mysterious Shady Character who bumps into you a lot. He is always giving you hints n were Team Radar are, What is he Up too?

Team Radar are planning to Use the Pokemon of Colour to remove all colour and happiness from the world and only bring it back if they Rule the World, However Cyrus has some over plans...He wants to destroy this world. It's Up to you to stop him and prevent him from calling open Arceus (Post-Game Story) However the reasons behind him from doing this unknown, maybe in his past something happened to him?

Locations (Work in Progress)

Towns and Cities
Tomok Town: A Place where Peace is All Around
Alulike Town: The Gateway to East of Victra
Bornsky City: The City Of Action
Spector Town: Where The Sea and Sand Meet
Eureka City: A Place of Golden Discoveries
Reckday City: The Place of The West Head
Waterhigh Town: Where The Plants Grow
Landsee City: The Place of History
Appfru Town: A Place of Healthy Living
Eastern Head Village: The Place of the East Head
Cliff Top Town: A Beach Getaway
Rangers City: A Gateway to Fiore
TempleTop City: High In The Forest
Urban City: An Urban style of Living
Gateway Town: A Place where the Road Stops
Finale City: An Island Paradise
Victra Pokemon League: A Place for Champions

Other Landmarks
Mountain Passage
Cyco Desert
National Park
Lake Passage
HighWaht Lake
Victra Mountain
Gateway Mountain
Flyaway Forest
Legend Tower
Harko League

All 649 Pokemon are Included in this Game plus 1 more Legendary Pokemon. I am new at this so if you would like to give me any Feedback feel free. I will update this page as I come up with ideas. Thank You for Reading