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    Thanks all for your reactions!
    Sorry I didn't QUOTE everything its about 32 posts so it would be a bit full then.
    Well lets continue shall we ^^

    First of all I want to say the alpha wont get released this week =( There are still a few options that need to be inserted like for today: The newspaper script (WORKING!)

    The idea is very simple (hard to let it work xD) From now on you can buy each day a newspaper from the Trion region to see whats going on in the world!
    Every day you have a slight change on a Wi-Fi event and every day is RANDOM!

    Some times new areas will get unlocked or you can receive unique presents!
    What I did in this video is change the date from my PC to let you show the proof that it works!

    Its only done till 10th of January and it still needs every day of every month so if you have any ideas for some cool functions just tell till now its:

    -Item trade
    -Pokemon trade
    -Special gifts
    -Special offer
    -Wi-Fi events
    -In-game clues

    Just tell some other thinks if you know some ^^ It would really help! There is still alot days to be create!
    Script would contain after all maybe more then 1400 lines I'm afraid xD
    and ofcorse don't forget to rate the following update ^^

    Mindfreak: ASM routline

    Video has been removed...

    Thats all for today, hope you like it! Take it easy!