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    Hello! My name is GliscorFan08, but i'm known as P00M, in the other fórums i'm in. Well, i always had a dream: creating my own Pokémon Game with RMXP. The problem is, i'm a spriter (an amateur one) not a scripter, so i could never make my own game. Can someone please help me? I would really apreciate it.


    You're dad was working for Geovanni, and he , along with a group of scientists, discover a Mew fossil, and tried to create the most powerful Pokémon ever, Mewtwo. Unfortunaly, all the scientists died, including your dad.

    The Mew Fossil was sent to Professor Mark, an Isshu region researcher. He, somehow could re-create Mew, and when you went to visit him, Mew ran away. Since then, Mew has appeared many times in the Isshu region, and helped you many times on your adventure.

    You start in the friendly Jaktree town. You will visit Professor Mark to get your first Pokémon, but unfortunaly the Isshu region starters have already been given, and the remaining Pokémon is a Pikachu.

    Evil rival teams, Team Diamond and Team Pearl, are trying to capture Mew and use it for their personnal purposes. You will meet them many times in your adventure, and in a certain time, Team Pearl will capture Mew, and brainwash him.

    You have to stop them and free Mew, along with the help of Team Diamond! And like all other Pokémon Trainers, collect the 8 Badges, and beat the Isshu Region Pokémon League!

    After the Pokémon League, you will see visions of your dad... The Universe's Balance is ruined, because of the damage caused by Mew when it was being brainwashed by Team Pearl. You have to stop it and save the Universe!

    (More as i go through the story)


    - Brand new region!

    - Travel to the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova regions!

    - 50 new Isshu Pokémon, with 1 new Legendary, and 3 new Roaming Pokémon.

    - You can catch all Legendary Pokémon from Past Genarations and Isshu Region, and all have a plot behind their appearence.

    - Bank System!

    - MiniGames (Like the PokeAthelon)

    - You can battle all the other Gyms and Leagues on the other regions!

    - Double Battles & Triple Battles.

    - You can face any Elite Four you want first (Like in B&W)

    - Challenge Lucas, Gold, Brendan, Black, Barry, and Pokémon Master Red (beware, his pokémon are all close to Lv 100).


    Map coming soon!

    Gym Leaders & Elite Four

    (No names Yet)

    Gym Leaders:

    1 - ??? - Bug Type Gym Leader

    2 - ??? - Dark Type Gym Leader

    3 - ??? , ??? and ??? - (Triple Battle) Fighting Type Gym Leaders

    4 - ??? - Water Type Gym Leader

    5 - ??? - Ground Type Gym Leader

    6 - ??? - Electric Type Gym Leader

    7 - ??? - Ice Type Gym Leader

    8 - ??? - Fire Type Gym Leader

    Elite Four

    1 - ??? - Steel Type Elite Four

    2 - ??? - Psychic Type Elite Four

    3 - ??? - Ghost Type Elite Four

    4 - ??? - Dragon Type Elite Four

    Champion - ??? (I'm assuming he will meet the hero, or help him) - Mixed Type Champion

    Screenshots & Videos




    None Yet


    Main Story: 65% (Only the Mew part)

    Scondary Story: 0%

    Sprites: 0%

    Maps: 0%

    Special Events: 0%


    P00M / GliscorFan08 - Leader (Spriter & Scripter)



    Coming soon!


    Nothing yet =/


    Poccil & FlameGuru - Starter Kit


    I need people to help me! If you're interested, please PM me or post it on the thread! Thanks
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