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    I still need to see last week's episode. I'm probably going to hunt it down tomorrow on YouTube or something. Oh, by the way, hi. I'm joining~

    What is your favourite pairing?
    Will/Beiste. Hands down. I dunno why, but I really like them together. I used to be Will/Terri, but then stuff happened, and never again will I ship them.

    Whats your favourite song preformed by the glee cast?
    Favorite song is definitely Thriller/Heads Will Roll. It reminded me so much of the amazing time I had when my school's chorus department had done Thriller for their Halloween show. It was so fun~

    Your Favorite Character and why?
    I have two, actually. Shue and Sue. Shue because I like his sweater vests he's an amazing character, & I love him to death. Sue because I love her sarcasm. She always makes me laugh.

    What song would you love New Directions (Or any other group in Glee) to perform on Glee?
    E.T. by Katy Perry for sure. I don't doubt that they will do this though since they've done 3 of her other songs from the Teenage Dream album. I also think it would be nice for them to do Kryptonite by Three Doors Down.

    What are you mostly looking forward to?
    Next week's episode with Ke$ha songs. Also regionals.

    Ever tried to mimic the glee club? Break out into song randomly, throw a slushie at someone etc.
    This is my life. I break out into song at random times when I'm with friends. Never done the slushie thing though. I don't plan on it either. That's a waste of a slushie.

    What's the worst number Glee have ever performed, whether it be on the show or only on the CD
    Firework. Dear God, Rachel ruined that song for me. I seriously thought that she would've done it so much better too.