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Update #2 on Emerald.

- Went through Fallarbor Town to Meteor Falls, then went through Rustboro Tunnel. Taught Strength to Grovyle.
- Went up Mt. Chimney and beat Maxie and got the Meteorite.
- Went back to Fallarbor and traded the Meteorite for TM27, Return. Taught it to Palin.
- Made my way back to Mt. Chiney and hopped down to Lavaridge Town, where I beat Flannery and got the Go-Go Goggles.
- Explored the desert a bit, then caught a lift back to Petalburg City.
- Beat Norman and got Surf, which I taught to Zigzagoon.
- Surfed to Slateport City, then made my way to Mauville.
- Did the New Mauville quest and got Thunderbolt, which I taught to Palin in place of Shock Wave.
- Surfed east to get on the route to Fortree City.
- Beat the Weather Institute, and beat May. Taught Fly to a Wingull I caught.
- Got the Devon Scope past Fortree, then beat Winona.
- Went down to Lilycove City and beat May.
- Went to Mt. Pyre, catching a Tentacool on the way.
- Climbed up and down and up Mt. Pyre, getting the Magma Emblem.
- Flew to Lavaridge and found the Hideout halfway up the Jagged Pass.
- Found Groudon and beat Maxie again. Groudon flew off.
- Flew to Slateport, where Team Aqua stole a sub.
- Beat the Aqua Hideout outside Lilycove, then surfed to Mossdeep City.
- Beat Tate and Liza, then beat Maxie in the Space Center with Steven's help.
- Got Dive and taught it to Tentacool. Boxed Zigzagoon.
- Dove after the sub into the Seafloor Cavern, where I beat Archie. Kyogre flew off this time.
- Came out, then surfed to Pacifidlog Town. Then surfed to Sootopolis City.
- Talked to Wallace then I helped Rayquaza calm Kyogre and Groudon down.
- After the cutscene, I beat Juan easily with Thunderbolt/Return.
- Saved at Mossdeep City.


On my way to Ever Grande City for Victory Road and the Pokemon League.

Team Gerry:

Palin the Sassy Girafarig, ♂ - L75 @ Magnet
Ability: Early Bird
Moves: Return, Thunderbolt, Crunch, Psybeam

HM Slaves:
Grovyle - L33 (Cut, Flash, Rock Smash)

Tentacool - L22 (Surf, Dive, Waterfall)

Wingull - L25 (Fly)