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    Finished this and plonked it in a spoiler for covenience.

    Name: Extera Severt.
    Species: Duskull
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14
    Move Set: Painsplitter, Night shade, Astonish, Disable. (Is in process of developing a move of his own as well.)

    Personality: Cocky and arrogant, believing himself to be unbeatable, Extera always keeps cool in battle, but he will have to learn he's not the best.
    He can however, open his heart to people, and become good freinds with them, though often, he ignores people he deems 'weak'.
    Quite intelligent, despite his battle qualities, and can be relied on for advice.

    History: When Extera was born, the first thing noticed were is purple eyes.
    As a result, Extera was raised outside of a small village of ghost pokemon, in a secret, additional dungeon inside Whispiar Cave called Memento Mori.
    Here he was trained by his Dusknoir mother and Chandelure father to be a powerful Dusk sage.
    It was this upbringing that brought Extera to beleive that his suffering fighting the powerful pokemon here had made him unbeatable.
    While it did make him stronger, he was far from unbeatable.
    His father gave him the painsplitter move, but to hold up family tradition, told Extera that he must develope a signature move, as Chandelure, His father, and his grandfather had done.

    Team: I would go for Moon, but I decided to go for Sun intead.

    A Dusk Sage is a defender of a ghost village.
    Memento mori is latin for 'Remember you will die' and is the inspiration for Latios' move Memento.
    I Wanted to use Memento for my egg move, but it's effect wasn't good enough.
    Extera's signature move will become 'Oblivious Memento' which will be more like destiny bond.
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