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    Hello, I wanted to try signing up for a roleplay...


    Name: Glim
    Species: Yamask
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Move Set: Hex, Will-o-wisp, Shadow Ball, Curse (I might swap Shadow Ball with something else if Shadow Ball is too powerful for a Yamask?)

    Personality: Glim is a pokemon often lost in thought, while this means he's a very tactical and collected pokemon it does also mean that he can forget to actually get the job done. Much better at the theory of a good plan rather than the execution of it. Glim has been known to correct other pokemon over very trivial things. Deeply effected by the loss of his sister, it takes a lot for Glim to open himself fully to someone else and prefers to stay useful but not get too emotionally invested.

    History: Glim has very vague recollections of his time as a human and often has distorted dreams of his past life that leaves him sweating in the middle of the night. When very young, he lost his young sister Yadine to a ravine on the outskirts of Shradune Desert (their home). It was not long before their parents contacted an exploration team to help find their lost children. By the time the exploration team reached Glim and Yadine, Yadine was barely clinging on to a rock by the ravine.The leader of the team a Zoroark held out his hand to Yadine and she was well within reach, however the Zoroark then pulled his hand away like it was some playground prank he was playing and not a life and death situation. A second later Yadine was washed away by the ravine. Nobody else noticed this of course and the exploration team were simply shamed into disbandment at their fatal error. Glim however has never been satisfied. He heads to Mineral Town with a strong desire to find Zoroark. He blames exploration teams for the loss of his sister and deems them to be shifty characters.

    Team: Explorers of Moon (although I wouldn't be too worried about which team I was in)

    I had to make up a location name since you haven't really included any...if there's any location similar to what I added I can change it to that instead.
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