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    *Before I begin I'd just like to mention that this is merely a working title. The new title will be announced with the official release of the first demo.*

    **This game takes place in the near-distant future of Pokemon Red and Blue; HOWEVER, the game takes place only a couple years after Ruby and Sapphire. I don't think Ruby and Sapphire ever specifically mentions a time (in relation to R/b); and if it does; then oh well. I'm making a plot hole.**


    Hello I am imthemovie. I am fairly new to posting as you may have noticed; don't let that fool you. I am not just some new 12 year old kid looking to make yet another thread of empty promises. I am actually a 20 year old college student, who; after years of lurking have finally decided to create a new Pokemon experience for others to enjoy! I will be creating this game in RPG Maker XP. I will be using a "starter kit" for this project. I am still exploring my options and trying to decide which to use for now. If any experienced users have a suggestion as to which they like the best please do share! I hope to be able to figure my way through the project on my own as much as possible. That being said; if anyone would like to help me through road blocks as I reach them; please let me know! I'd really appreciate it! Enough about me; on to the game...


    That's right! You will be playing as returning characters; May and Brendan. I will refer to them as Ruby and Sapphire though (PokeSpecial). You have completed your journey in the Hoenn Region a couple of years ago. Professor Oak meets with you and Professor Birch back in Littleroot Town and suggests you try your luck with the Kanto Pokemon League. Due to new Pokemon restrictions in Kanto (will be explained below), you are forced to start fresh in this new land. Professor Oak invites you to fly back with him to Pallet; where he will give you a Pokemon to start your journey with.


    I really don't want to divulge too much information at this stage. I am not going to hand-out the story just yet. After-all it is still being developed as of now; but I suppose I will give you a general outline of the setting I have in mind so far.

    *Please Note any and all of the following is subject to change at any point I see necessary*

    I've already explained the Prologue of the game above. So I guess from there I have to tell you that this is not the same Kanto you are all familiar with from previous Pokemon games. This game is set in the near-distant future (I don't think setting the exact number of years is important, just know it's far enough in the future where things can be drastically different; while still not far enough where returning characters and such would be out of the question). Some cities have grown, others have shrunk and some are not at all how you remember them and have been re-named! For example: Viridian City. It has become one of the hottest place to be in Kanto! Shopping Malls, Resorts, and Corporate Buildings have all come here. Due to to rapidly growing population of Viridian City it was expanded; thus cutting down into Route 1; making it smaller. Also it left many buildings to be abandoned at Saffron because companies were leaving to go to Viridian City. Basically what I am trying to get across is, every change made will leave an impact on the Region somehow. All the new changes in the map should seem realistic enough. When you see A run-down Saffron City; it won't be for no reason. You will be told "yeah, everyone left here to go to Viridian". Hopefully I am making sense here. I have not figured everything out in regards to which cities have changed, shrunk/grown, or disappeared yet. And will not release it all at once either. Some changes will not be "officially" announced until after you are able to play that area for yourself. The game will officially be set 5 years after your journey in Hoenn( or 2-3 years after G/S). Some changes that I mentioned above will be hinted at. Some will actually be starting to occur while you play. If anyone has any specific ideas in mind for the "new" kanto;please do let me know!

    With these changes; the Pokemon Worldwide Association has decided that some preservation must be made. And some rules have been placed world-wide. These rules are often Region Specific. Here are seem changes made to the Kanto Region:

    - Several Pokemon Reservations are placed through out the region. Some of these Reservations are a "No-Capture" Zone. Which means you may not catch wild Pokemon in this area. If you are caught the Pokemon will be set free and you will be charged a hefty fine.

    -In order to avoid an overpopulated Region like some other Regions have become; A ban has been placed on bringing foreign Pokemon into the Region. (Meaning only Gen I & II Pokemon will appear in this game)

    - More too come...

    **If you have any ideas, suggestions for new laws to be placed. Please Share!**

    What is going to set this game apart from others? I'm mostly leaning on a well thought-out story to carry me in that department. No, there isn't 100 new Fakemon in this game. Here is a list of what i am hoping to include. Again this list is also subject to change.

    - Although I don't have a whole new fakemon Pokedex; I am including two brand-new Pokemon into this game! They are apart of already existing evolution lines, so subscribe to this thread to keep up with updates for when I release them!
    - Shadow Pokemon: As you begin your journey you will surely run into a few shadow Pokemon. As you progress further you will learn of how shadow Pokemon have found there way into Kanto; and hopefully be able to put an end to it!
    - Snagging! Yep, you guessed it. Although you won't necessarily be able to snag Pokemon from just anyone. Snagging will appear in this game. Not going to reveal too much on this just yet though.
    - Orre Region: For a brief while you will make way to the Orre Region. What for? You will have to wait to find out.
    *Orre will only be accessible for a short while in the story. Once that point in the game is over. You cannot return
    -Cameos by many familiar faces...
    -8 gym challenges, Elite Four, and World Championship Tournament.
    -More as it comes to me...

    *some new artwork coming soon*
    **Screenshots will come and continue to come as progress is made**

    Creator/Director/Character Design/etc - imthemovie

    Let me know what you guys think! And again, don't be afraid to submit some ideas if you'd like. And if anyone is interested in forming a team; Please do let me know.

    Thank you!


    ~ Demo Release Coming soon ~
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