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Final Update (#4) on Emerald.

- So I beat the trainers on the SS Tidal, then I flew to Pacifidlog Town and battled all the trainers along the sea currents. I had totally forgotten they were there lol.
- While surfing along, Latias came up! I captured it with the Master Ball.

- After defeating all the trainers I could find, I went to Meteor Falls. Defeated a couple trainers in there as well, and Palin was at L85.
- Also taught Palin Earthquake, replacing Crunch, and gave him the Soft Sand I had been lugging around since Slateport lol.
- Found Steven!


So here's a play by play, as well as I can remember:
Palin VS Skarmory: Thunderbolt, Spikes, Fell Restore (Skarmory) Thunderbolt, Thunderbolt, Skarmory fainted!
VS Armaldo: Psychic, AncientPower, Psychic, Armaldo fainted!
VS Claydol: Return, Earthquake, Return, Claydol fainted!
VS Aggron: Earthquake, (took in sunlight!), Earthquake, Aggron fainted!
VS Cradily: Psychic, AncientPower, Psychic, Ingrain, Full Restore (Cradily), Psychic, Full Restore (Palin), AncientPower, Psychic, AncientPower, Psychic, Cradily fainted!
Palin grew to L86!
VS Metagross: Earthquake (critical hit!), Metagross fainted!

Final Stats:

Well, I have to say that Emerald ended up being a lot of fun. Gonna play on Diamond or Platinum for Sinnoh.

Team Gerry (Final):

Palin the Sassy Girafarig, ♂ - L86 @ Soft Sand
Ability: Early Bird
Moves: Return, Thunderbolt, Earthquake, Psychic

HM Slaves:

Grovyle - L35 (Cut, Flash, Rock Smash, Strength)

Tentacool - L22 (Surf, Dive, Waterfall)

Wingull - L25 (Fly)