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    Originally Posted by Impo View Post
    I have a sequel prepared for my Layton fanfic, just posting it for no reason.
    It is based on the city of Atlantis, but takes a different route than the mermaids fable.

    Professor Layton and the Sunken City

    Professor Layton and Luke are aiding Dr Shrader with his underwater research when they stumble upon the city of Atlantis. They explore and find all the people of the city still in their homes, very peaceful: as if they knew they were going to drown. They also took back some samples of soil back to Dr Shrader, which he announces has some very strange substances in it.
    Why did the whole population of this city die, accepting their fate in the process?
    How does this strange substance found in the soil relate to this?

    Antlantic scientists were busy in a labratory, experimenting with poisons and nuclear waste. By accident and sheer chance, they created a highly contagious (but very slow-activating) poison. The scientists didn't know of their creation, and infected them as they left the laboratory, they infected whoever they passed by. Soon enough, the whole city was infected. There were no known symptoms of this disease, and people only became suspicious when the first scientists died of the illness (which was about three months after the experiment). One surviving scientist, who wasn't present at the experiment, found the error and the virus, realizing everyone was infected.
    He alerted everyone in a big meeting, and revealed the only way to neutralize the virus; sea-water. The water's naturally high salt content and vast amount of sea life (which were immune) made the virus completely harmless (the virus also cannot spread underwater). The virus had spread for so long, that every single person and item on the island contained the condition, so the only possible solution of stopping it's growth was sinking the city. One problem has risen though. Sea-water neutralizes the virus, but if anything but earth is taken back above water the virus can return to its' original state. Knowing this, the town nobly sacrificed themselves and the town to rid the world of this virus.

    I just need to find a plausible way to sink the city

    so, critique, comments, please?
    Well, the whole plots seems interesting and I'd love to read. As for your question, I've a question for you too. Do you want the city to be sunk via natural means or the citizens purposely caused their country to sink? If it's the first option, well maybe an earthquake of 8.8 or a deadly tsunami could complete the job. I'm not sure how the people could sink the city, it would take a long long time.
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