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Let's Play Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness

Part 5

Snagem Hideout

Somehow this place is a bigger hellhole than Pyrite... Anyway, as soon as I enter I'm welcomed by Agrev with a battle of course. Not that he's any match for my seriously leveled up Pokemon. Next up is Jedo, who apparently was the third Snagem member (besides Biden and Wakin) who greeted me back at the S.S. Libra. Time to repay the favor. From there on I just continue wasting Snagem members and collecting items, and apparently I also end up disrupting a Snagem recruitment interview.

On the way to leader Gonzap's office, I run into Biden again, though he doesn't recognize me at first. No matter, a quick battle seems to jog his memory. And more importantly, it opens the path to the big man himself. And I do mean big. So big, in fact, the Snag Machine doesn't even fit him. Gonzap orders Wakin to battle me first. As for how it went, let's just say Wakin should stick to the Sleep Powder tactic. Afterward, and after refusing an offer by Gonzap to join Team Snagem, he agrees to give me the Snag Machine back... if I can defeat him, that is!

Victor vs. Gonzap


Surprisingly, Gonzap is a man of his word, and I get the Snag Machine back. Now I can go clear out the Cipher Key Lair... but first I need t make sure I'm ready... and I know just the guy who can help me out...

Victor vs. Justy

Lv 43 Lv 43 Lv 43 Lv 43 Lv 43 Lv 43
Lv 29 Lv 29 Lv 29 Lv 29
Being at level 43, I was able to tke care of Justy's team fairly easily, with Persian's Faint Attack coming in handy for cleaning up Pokemon that didn't go down in one hit. Fortunately Double Team didn't prove as annoying as it can be sometimes...

After that, I do a few rounds at the Realgam Colosseum and the next couple areas of Mt. Battle before proceeding onto the Key Lair.

Cipher Key Lair

Rematch time with ugly man Zook, but at least this time his Zangoose is mine! Let's just hope he keeps good on his promise to go off somewhere and never come back... The bodybuilders guarding the door are back, but... Team Snagem to the rescue? Gonzap and Wakin show up, and Wakin goes back to what he does best... putting people to sleep with Gloom. Well, since Gonzap was nice enough to make an opening for me, best not to let him down. Time to shut down the Key Lair!

Wow, compared to Mt. Battle and Realgam, these guys are cake. Unfortunately, that also meant a few Shadow Pokemon KO's but I'm sure I can recover them later. More of the sliding box puzzles in here, but at least they aren't nearly as frustrating as they were on that ship... Toward the top I have a run-in with my old statistic-spewing buddy, Snidle! Let's see... there's a 95% chance that he'll go running off in defeat and an 87% chance that I'll gain a Shadow Magneton in the process... whoops, make that 100% for both!

On the roof, a scientist named Acrod conveniently tells me how to shut down the factory. All I have to do is cream him, turn up the generator voltage with the handy lever he absentmindedly left in his office, and voila! Of course Smarton from back on the boat just has to investigate, but hey, if he wants to lose a battle and his shadow Arbok, that's his choice. Afterward, I enter the penthouse office where my reception is less than welcoming...

Victor vs. Gorigan


Revelations galore after beating Gorigan! Old man Verich is otherwise known as Grand Master Greevil, and he's based in Citadark Isle! Now, how to get out there... I'm sure the legendary Pokemon Kyogre would have no problem with the vicious waves surrounding the island and... wait, what if...

Gateon Port

Bingo! Makan and Perr have completed Dr. K's Robo Kyore, and this craft looks seaworthy enough to make it out to the island! But first, I need to speak with Krane for something very important. He leads me into a basement office of the lab and gives me a Master Ball. Since I'm about to face the head honcho of Cipher, this could definitely come in handy...

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