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    Hi, I'm kinda new here but I'm trying to start a Pokemon fic.

    It's going to be people-based rather than Pokemon-based (so no Pokemorph, Pokemon p.o.v, etc.) and it's going to be femslash, so if you have a problem with that, I guess this is your warning.

    My two MCs are:

    Jessica, who works for Mr. Fuji in Lavender Town and returns the bones of Pokemon to their original homes so their souls can be reborn. (There is a Pokemon legend saying that when a Pokemon's bones are buried in their 'homeland' or where they were caught, that Pokemon will be reborn.) Jessica doesn't quite believes it but wants it to be true.

    Her pokemon are Pidgeot and Furret

    Quinn, who I'm not quite sure who she is yet. Originally she was going to be a full fledged Rocket member who trained the incoming Pokemon given to the Grunts. She was going to have the stereotypical 'Don't eff with me' no nonsense personality. Now she's transformed to a druggie who works for Rocket as a kind of messenger girl, who traffics their drugs between Johto and Kanto.

    Her personality has mellowed considerably and now is more reserved rather than stoic, with a wry sense of humor. Quinn grew up in Ecruteak City and because of that, she is well versed in Pokemon legends. She ran away from home when she got into the Rocket circle. She only has one Pokemon, a Growlithe.

    Since there are no mentions of drugs in Pokemon canon, I have created my own idea of one, from Schuckle Juice. When the juice in a Schuckle's shell matures past being berry juice but isn't quite a rare candy, it can be extracted and used as a hallucinogen (similar to herion). It is known as either Juice, or in it's dried form, Dust. This is what Quinn is addicted to.

    Btw, since I only like the first two gens of Pokemon, I'm only using the first to gens.

    I wanted to know what people thought of my characters so far (especially Quinn) and my idea of the drug. If you need any extra info, just let me know.

    Any comments are appreciated..
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