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    -I laugh at Micheala-
    A bit insane?You almost killed me cause I didn't know you were a mod. Wait... where did Sky go?
    -At that moment, time and reality itself seems to bend, You see the earth crumble, but then is reformed just as quickly. After this vision, a future version of Sky appears in his time lord form. Time and reality soon regulate, as he puts them back to rest.-
    Future Sky: "It is very ignorant to think that things or people are evil, just because they are not human. I myself used to be human, but that was a long time ago, and I have forgotten what it is like to be human... am I evil as well?"
    Raike:" My brother has answered well, as it seems you matured over time. He speaks the truth as you must know, one cannot be assumed evil just because he or she is not human. The common theory that good always reigns supreme is also a lie, a child's hope, but not reality. The balance of power shifts over time, but neither is "destined" to ultimately reign forever."

    Me: Sky was originally able to control time, as he was Dialga's son, so in this future version, he is able to fully utilize this power, and assume his Time lord form, which is basically his whole body in a dark blue base, with gray lines along his arms ,head ,chest and legs. He also emanates a large amount of power, being so that time itself seems to bend around him. And yes he is wearing pants and a shirt underneath all that.
    i’Ve gOt tO BeLiEvE At wHaT My hEaRt tElLs iN Me, EvEn iF It’s a fAkE ThInG

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