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Yui smiled. "Still me. After all, since you are Dialga's son, that means you are younger than Dialga. I, on the other hand, am older than Dialga...I think I'm a thousand times older than him. I'm not sure, since I'm older than Arceus as well...And Miharu-chan never said anything about Raike-chan."

Miharu rolled her eyes. "Why do you add "-chan" to the end of everybody's name?"

"I think Fujiko-nee-chan rubbed off on me." Yui laughed.

"Well, if it wasn't for the fact that you are immortal, you would have died with the way he battled you in order to add "-chan" or call Fuji, Fujiko-nee-chan," stated Michaela.

Yui glanced at Sky(IU) and smiled. "I dunno. Do I?"
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