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    I've been hunting a lot for Treecko in my quest to get all Sapphire SRable shinys, and sure enough, I'm taunted by the uncatchable shiny Poochyena. :/ At least I can say I saw a shiny, even though I couldn't catch it! Hopefully shiny Treecko is on the way...

    Originally Posted by Runasutaru View Post
    While it would be pretty darn useful to have the Eon Ticket version to SR, if you at least have Latios available as a roamer (don't remember how Emerald worked with those - can you even have him roaming, there?), it's possible. It's been done and you can see that if you really roll back in the SHC thread. It's pretty long-drawn, though. I think it involved saving right after beating the Elite Four, watching the TV show and having to snipe the Pokémon down without a map indicator, since it's the first time seeing it. Good luck if you follow that route! It reminds me of the insanity of going for a Shiny Entei/Raikou pre Wi-Fi event.

    Thanks! I might try that method a few times, but it sounds extremely time-consuming; probably around 10 minutes per reset! Unfortunately, I don't have 81,920 minutes in most of my days!

    Originally Posted by Folkedahl View Post
    Found a shiny Spinda in Emerald. Named him snot :3
    Congratulations! My first shiny was in Emerald, on the Spinda route... *nostalgia*

    Originally Posted by pooch View Post
    I got a shiny Nidoqueen in leaf green and a shiny gastorodon in diamond
    Awesome, nice shinys!

    Grr, your name reminds me of that uncatchable shiny Poochyena! >

    Originally Posted by Gearuvagen View Post
    Wow the front page hasn't been updated in 5 years!!
    Maybe this group should be closed and remade?

    well anyway I caught a Shiny Golbat, and hatched a shiny Spoink,Beldum,Charmander,Cherubi and Roselia
    Wow, congrats on all those shinys! Beldum must have taken a long time, since it has so many egg steps. That's a really cool collection you have there.

    I don't like the idea of remaking the club - this thread is filled with so many awesome shiny stories, it would be a shame to kill it. Each post here is like we're adding to history.

    *continues Treecko hunt*
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