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Chapter 2

Black Jack and co. were at the arena watching as audience members. On the battlefield stands a medium built man in with brown short hair and beard with blue determined eyes. He was a wearing a blue-buttoned shirt, black trousers and brown shoes. He was also holding a black briefcase.

John Black Jack said to himself.
You know him? Cassandra asked, hearing what Black Jack said.
Hes my brother.

That shocked everyone and the pokemon, except his Tyranitar. Nidoking couldnt help but notice.

Ash ran up Black Jack, You have got to be kidding! he said.
Do you see me joking about? Black Jack replied.

Before anyone could say another word, a man in a red suit came out of the entranceway. A man in a black suit followed behind, holding a briefcase. That guy looks familiar, Black Jack thought to himself.

Mane! John yelled. Wheres my family!?

John has a family of his own?? Black Jack asked in a shocked tone.

Calm down, my dear opponent, Mane replied in a calm tone and a posh accent. We dont want to make a scene in front of our audience now, do we?

He turned his head to his right to see Black Jack and the others. John did the same. To his shock, he saw Black Jack. Jack!? he said in a shocked tone. I thought this would be a private battle, Mane!

I wanted it to be a surprise, my friend, Mane replied. We have both seen Black Jack and Ash Ketchum get into the grand final, so I decided to give them a little treat.

John growled at Mane. Calm now, Hummingburg, Mane said. If you want your family back, all you have to do is beat me in a pokemon battle. But if you fail, not only will they remain in their cells, but youll also be joining them and youre company will be mine!
Thats not gonna happen! John shouted in response. Not only am I gonna win this battle, but Ill also smash your head in!
Then let the game begin.

Elsewhere in a stadium, a man with short light purple hair, a woman with long dark purple hair and a Meowth were cleaning out lavatories, they were all in cleaners uniform. Of all da jobs that we coulda chosen, said the Meowth. We had to choose dis? Whys dat?
Because this is the only job we can find available! complained the woman. And also because of those twerps that keep on ruining our plans to capture that Pikachu, there would be no way that the boss would be paying us! And if you two would stop fooling about when we did catch Pikachu, we wouldve gotten away with it! And
Yes, yes alright! the man moaned. Gosh, there was no need to be so harsh, Jesse.
Of course there is, James! Were bad guys! And its a good thing that we finished cleaning this dump!
Where do we clean next, Jess? Meowth asked.
That stupid stadium!

Back at the battlefield, John and Mane walked to their respective parts of the battlefield. The man that was accompanying Mane opened the brifcase and it revealed six pokeballs, each containing a pokemon. Mane picked out one of them, while John got one of his pokeballs out from his own briefcase.

Well, Black Jack, Max said. What do you think Johns chances are?

Black Jack clenched his fist, his eyes turned from shock to determination. I dont know, kid he replied. But no matter what, I wont hold anything back to help him.

He leaned forward. John! he cried. You have to believe in your pokemon! John turned to look at his brother as he continued encouraging him. It takes more than shouting out attacks and strong pokemon to win! Everything is at stake here! If Mane wins, you wont be the only person losing something important! Cos Ill be losing you as well! And I dont want that to

Black Jack! Ash interrupted. Just calm down, okay?

Black Jack breathed deeply in and out.

Its alright, Jack, John thought to himself. I wont be needing help in this one.

Mane took out a coin out of his pocket. Ready, Hummingburg? I will flip a coin to decide who call out their pokemon first. Heads, Ill go first. Tails, youll go first.
Just flip it, John replied.

If John has to go first, Black Jack said. Then Mane would have the advantage, and that could be a big problem for him.

Mane flipped a coin. As it landed on the ground, it showed the tail symbol. The man standing near Mane went to pick up the coin for him. Shoot! Black Jack cursed.

I go first then! John shouted. So what? You still wont beat me! I choose you! Machoke!

A Machoke popped out of his pokeball. It showed some muscle poses.

A Machoke? Mane replied with a confident smile. This is going to be such fun. Go! Pokeball!

Mane tossed out a pokeball and out popped A Suicune!!

Shock appeared on everyones faces. Mane does have a big advantage!! Max shouted.
I cant believe it! Ash said. How is anyone gonna beat that?

Black Jacks eyes narrowed with suspicion. Mane must be a tough trainer to catch a pokemon as rare as Suicune, he thought. Unless

He then spotted a very small microchip on Suicunes back. Wait a minute, he thought. Whats that microchip for?

I dont care if you have the rarest pokemon around! Ill still beat you! John shouted with determination. Having heard that, Black Jack took his eyes off the microchip. Machoke! John ordered. Karate Chop!
Suicune! Mane ordered. Counter with Water Gun!

Suicune opened its mouth and shot out a huge and powerful foam of water at Machoke. Machoke got caught and was shoved by the attack until his back got smashed into the stadium wall. He was no longer able to battle as everyone watched in horror and shock.

That looked more like a Hydro Pump than a Water Gun! Max cried.
This stinks! Black Jack cursed as he pounded his fist into his hand.
That Machoke didnt even land a finger, May said.

Jesse, James and Meowth were coming up the stairs of the stadium to clean out the rubbish. To their surprise, they found Black Jack and the others staring down at the field. Its the twerps! James moaned.
What are they doing here? Jesse moaned.
Never mind dat, Meowth said in an interested tone. Come n look at dis!

Jesse and James looked at what Meowth was looking at they both gasped in amazement. Its so beautiful! Jesse said. Just like me!
Hey, guys! Meowth said. Are you guys tinkin what Im tinkin?
Im sure am! Jesse replied in a determined tone.
Im not, James replied. What is it? Lunch?
Were going to bring that Suicune back to the boss, you moron!
Oh, yes
And I got a plan for it.
Wot? Were not gonna catch Suicune in front of dose twerps are we?
Of course, youre right. Those brats always mess things up! I have a better idea

The three ducked down, keeping out of sight to make a plan.

Machoke! John ordered. Return!
Machoke returned to his pokeball and John picked out another one. Venusaur! I choose you!

Venusaur popped out of his pokeball and gave out a loud roar, as he prepared for battle.

This should be a good move, Lao Ping said. Grass types are an advantage against water types.
Lets hope so, Brock replied. Otherwise, Suicune will do more damage.

Black Jack sat down with his arms folded, concentrating on the match. Cmon, John! he thought deeply in a desperate tone. Beat that creep!

Venusaur! John ordered. Leech Seed and Toxic!

Venusaur spat out a huge purple goo out of his mouth and sent out three small seeds out of the flower on his back.

Suicune! Mane commanded confidently. Right Guard I mean Safeguard!
What?! John shouted in shock. No way!

An aura surrounded Suicune, blocking the attacks that Venusaur sent out. Oh dear, Mane said. I should stop remembering the name of that deodorant, today isnt my shopping day. Now Suicune! Aurora Beam!

Suicune shot out a shining beam out of its mouth and it hit Venusaur, knocking him out. John growled with frustration. I cannot be defeated he said to himself.

This is bad Black Jack said with desperate eyes. The battle has just started and John lost two of his pokemon already.

Hmhm, Mane thought evilly. If everyone is surprised to see a Suicune in a trainer battle, they havent seen anything yet hahahaha HAHAHAHA!
More coming! Reviews please!
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