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    Originally Posted by Rossay View Post
    A little incorrect I believe; data structures were added to GM because they operate faster than arrays for complex proceedures (i.e. what you'll probably require them for when coding a Pokemon game). The main advantage of using them is because to sort and order a 2D array requires a great deal of difficulty and large sections of GML whereas data structures have built-in functions to do this for you; which, is where you will observe a speed difference is - as the scripting required to sort a 2D array lags more than a ds function.
    I run only from my experience. Sure, a with a data structure, you can get the values faster but modifying takes a lot longer. I built an A* Pathfinding AI and it was slower using a data structure rather than a simple 2-dimensional array.

    Originally Posted by Rossay View Post
    The way they do it in Pokemon is to use several rooms and make the boundaries of the adjacent rooms look identically graphically. Then all you need to do is define a blank room transition and it flows from room to room as if they were a single one. Hope that helps you out a bit.
    This is the way that most people do it. It is possible to have the whole region as one room, but it's harder to modify as scrolling to the right array will be a pain. There is a function that deactivates objects out of view, which is really helpful even when not making a whole room region as it speeds the game up quite considerably. The problem with making 1 town each room is that if you mess up 1 town, you have to edit it in 2 different rooms.

    If you are a little more advanced, you can make the whole game in 1 room, and the map gets loaded from an array. If you do it this way, you'd have to make your own map creator program and with Game Maker, it might be a little slow on old computers. I made one once, where the whole region was loaded from a text file. Good too, if you want DLC, which was my goal(to download whole regions).