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Haha, this has always been the case with me. I used to suck at colors and people used to advise me about how I should try to improve the colors in my works. Now when I've fixed the colors, I started neglecting another important aspect of my works. One of the most important, in fact. XD; But seriously, thank you for the crit, guys. I really appreciate it. I don't really feel like quoting every single crit you guys gave me and replying to them one by one but I can say that I do agree with most of the things you guys pointed out and will try to work on those faults in the future. Once again, thanks a bunch, everybody. I'll make sure that my next real-life tags aren't flat. :D

And I'll just throw this tag which I made today. Since I couldn't think of doing much/adding effects or anything else with the stock, I made a fairly simple one. Idk, it sorta looks good as a signature image, I guess? XD;

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