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Started on Platinum.

Name: Gerry
Rival: Gack
Starter: Turtwig

- After I got pokeballs, I hacked in Girafarig on Rt 202.
- Beat Gack, then Roark (easily).
- Went to Florama, and Mars' Purugly was hard cause of Faint Attack. Finally won with the help of an Oran Berry.
- Got through Eterna Forest, and destroyed Gardenia with Psybeam.


Arg, late screenshot. Palin was at L16. Confusion ruled the match.

Psybeam was 2HKO on Turtwig and Cherrim, and OHKO on Roserade.

I'm in the Eterna Galactic Building now.

Team Gerry:

Palin the Girafarig, ♂ - L30 @ Soothe Bell
Ability: Early Bird
Moves: Psybeam, Stomp, Return, Assurance

HM Slaves:

Turtwig - L6 (Rock Smash, Flash, Cut)