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Heh, this episode was really funny - I loved it!

The party was hilarious, I saw the Rachel and Blaine thing coming because of the promos, but it was still kinda suprising.
Finn's definitions of the girls drunk were hilarious;
Santana - The weepy, Hysterical Drunk
Lauren and Quinn - The Angry Girl Drunks
Brittany - The Girl Who Turns Into A Stripper, Drunk.

I loved the "Tik Tok" performance, I totally lol'd when Brittany puked on Rachel, and then so did santana - it was even Grey. (Note to self; never drink anything made by rachel)

Although the whole Bisexual/Confused thing was kinda offencive to some people, but I did find it very funny. I was suprised Rachel didn't sing "Ur So Gay" by Katy Perry.

I've added all the new members to the list.
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