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    Originally Posted by Toa77 View Post
    I'm downloading the beta right now, and, from the screenshots, this looks really good. I'll post a review when I've played it.
    Thanks a lot! I'll gladly wait for it! =D

    Originally Posted by DForte View Post
    glad to see that you're in the showcase now.

    curious to know if you fixed that crash. for me it always crashed whenever i entered my first battle; whether it was a wild pokemon or the trainer (cant remember her name)
    Eheh, yup, we have finally reached it.

    Hm... I don't know what could cause that, but it seems to be incompatibility, because it just occurs to some people while most others don't have any kind of problems at all (note that it's the same version for everyone). So, sorry, but I haven, because I haven't figured the problem yet. =/