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    Scribble is Smeargle's baby form yes, Updated the first post added a few more bios. Also updated the features/features under debate. Will be adding new screenshots in a bit along with character ow pics on the bios section. Will try to add a pic of the fakedex thus far (not to much development on it since I last worked on the project before going to college) however it is in development now. I am getting the basics done for the demo. This means focusing mainly on Violet city area of Johto and the Masuyo region up until the 3rd or 4th gym. That should keep you guys satisfied until I am able to release demo v2 which will include the complete 8 gyms and elite four of Masuyo, However the fun won't stop there. I have plans for kanto and johto. If all works out there will be a total of 24 badges to collect and 3 league challenges. If I can correctly do the league challenges as planned expect difficult battles due to approximately 10 trainer entries plus the 4 elite four members. The first 10 battles will be preliminary rounds similar to the show and if you progress through them then you will be able to face the elite 4. And each regions league will be tougher than the last. Kanto and Johto will not share a league. Johto will have a new league in an added area to the Johto region. Will be updating first post again soon adding up to date screenies and over world sprites to the bios section.

    EDIT: Added newer screenshots and removed the older ones. Your character's appearance throughout the game is in their School attire. Fayte's is Primarily black with white trim and Hope's will be primarily white with pink trim.
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