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    It seems reasonable enough so far, but I think you're over-egging your pudding with all those features. Like Luka said, there's no point adding so many regions or features if you're working alone. It'll take forever and is likely overkill anyhow.

    However, two petty concerns. First of all, your chronology is way out. DPPt takes place at the same time as HGSS, and RSE happens at the same time as FRLG, so your references to the other regions will need to take account of that. Or something.

    Also, geographically, I don't understand. Ignoring the fact that it defies the geography of Japan, how can you have an icy region in the north of a region south of Hoenn, which is tropical? Hoenn is to the south of Tohjo, nearer the equator, which is why it's full of beaches, essentially.

    Anywho, nice to see you back working on this.
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