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    A lot has been edited and I am refining the first post. Have not fully updated it yet. The time frame for the game has been changed it is taking place approximately 10 years after DPPt/HGSS, The region is less tropical than I had orginally planned. I will be including bits of Johto (Probably just Violet City not sure though) All of Kanto/Mt. Silver. It needs a lot of reworking this I know. And I am in the process of amending the first post.

    As for the features the only one I am really lacking atm is the hygene/stamina/hunger. I have already scripted a bank script and the tournament is event based. The shadow pokemon/snagging is an iffy feature that may not make the final cut but I like having the idea there just in case. At the moment I am messing around with screen size and what not and editing graphics to fit the new screen size I choose. I am also strongly debating dual/touch screen, And yes I know how to do that. I am not a pro scripter but im not a novice scripter either. I have been scripting since before I joined these forums I am going to say since approximately 2005 or 2006 not really sure but its been several years. I will have the updated first post up later tonight/early tomorrow morning. I will post an aupdate message informing everyone. Also I will be updating the Game Dev. thread too.
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