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    > Showdown!
    > Mamepato dramatic instert.
    > Baby fight is amusing.
    > Ash and Iris's eyes got bigger you guys.
    > Ohgod Dragon Sneeze.
    > Dent you are too adorable <3 <3
    > And everything goes BOOM, though not as badly as last time.
    > Hi Koaruhie.
    > Oh noes a tunnel. Reminiscent of the Pokemon 2000 short.
    > "We have to help him! Go, Yanappu!" :D
    > Wait what Doryuuzu? Really?
    > Theme that is so much better than the English.
    > Whoa hey did I miss something or it the music when the title is read different?
    > lol at Pikachu's face.
    > Hi Meguroco. What are you cackling about?
    > "Are you that same Meguroco? Did you dig that hole?" No. No he is not and no he did not.
    > Let's battle, yay!
    > Iris fail. Dent to the rescue!
    > "No! My cookware! D:" Dent you are so cute~
    > Miju entertainment, Koaruhie cackle.
    > Dent chooses Ash over Iris/his dinnerware. :D
    > "Meguroco must be a ground type!" Hey, you're learning!
    > Ash: "What is that Pokemon?" Koaruhie: "Hi there!"
    > lol Koaruhie sticks its head in Meguroco's mouth.
    > Koaruhie steal!
    > Ohgod those glasses must be important to Meguroco. Look how sad he is ;;
    > I think Pokemon helps me understand Japanese.
    > Koromori <3
    > I really wonder why he is so fearful without his glasses. Maybe he was traumatized and the glasses are a barrier between him and the world?
    > Ohgod they are so evil but laugh so adorably ;;
    > Cool BGM
    > Koaruhie high-five!
    > Ash freeze D:
    > Yay Meguroco!
    > More cool BGM
    > Umbrella shield!
    > Pika ouch.
    > FLEE
    > Iris swing~
    > Dent can you be any sexier?
    > Yes Iris. He totally did just go through an insanely long tunnel, then climb down a vertical wall WITHOUT GETTING A SPECK OF DUST ON HIM. <3
    > Pikaspark.
    > Plead with the Koaruhie tiem.
    > Here you go... PSYCH! lol lol
    > Hey is this BGM from the games?
    > Ohgod Thunderbolt fail ;;
    > Meguroco yay! Why do wild Pokemon randomly listen to Ash all the time though.
    > lol brawling
    > Pikachu got so mad he learned a new move.
    > Koaruhie blastoff!
    > Dent is informative and such.
    > Koaruhie return!
    > Dent: "No don't get my clothes wet! I don't want to have to strip in front of Iris again!"
    > Koaruhie byebye singalong~
    > Dent: "Oh thank god my dish cover is okay."
    > Actual battle time this time.
    > Dent you are so cute. :D He sounds so excited to watch Ash's battle again!
    > Dent is worried.
    > Awesome Waruvile. :D
    > Is that the theme song I hear in the background?
    > Waruvile blastoff!
    > The end.

    Yes I probably focus on Dent too much. HE'S AMAZING OKAY

    Man the animation looks so different this episode. I like it <3

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