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Tittle: Pokemon Black Operation

Rom base: Pokemon Firered

This game is in the middle of the great Pokemon war. The war is two sides. The evil side called Team S lead by their dictator Dragonvich who is said to have an undefeatable Dragon party. The good side is called the Allies force lead by the council of Elites. This war have devasated families because members have to go fight in the war. The war had devastated Pokemon who became vistims of the Team S reign of fire. So this war have been going on 11 years now. Team S have taken over the Sinnoh and Sinnoh. They have now begin to attack Kanto. Lance the leader of Kanto have decide to form a project called EPT (Elite Pokemon Trainers). This group was train to be able to weild any Pokemon and use it for special military operation. You have been invited in that group with your friend and rival Forst. You have been in that group for 6 months and have passed the hard training. You and your squad are now assign their first Pokemon and mission to capture a Team S general and bring him to Lance for integregation.


Should I add gyms and the Pokemon league?

Is there anything I should add to the storyline?

Should I make the plot more like COD's or keep it as original as I can
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