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    Originally Posted by Version Five View Post
    I have a question, how do you get other tilesets when your trying to edit a different map? Like I'm trying to edit Little Root, and I want tile sets 1 and 2, but I can't find an option. The only way I can get these is if I try to make a new map, but I can't use that map because it saves in the Map Files, so how would I move it to the new area?
    Okay thats confusing but i'm guessing your talking about making new maps so just click new map then, make your map, then insert map (you did know that was there, right?) just click creat and insert open up littleroot's map it should be there and done next if you want it to be alse where just goto header and first place its says littleroot select the map ya want it goto and done, again .

    Originally Posted by shinyabsol1 View Post
    The option is under the "header" tab. Scroll to the bottom and there is an area labeled "used tilesets". Change the numbers in the boxes to the ones you want and click "change tileset".
    i just thought he was talking about inserting maps
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