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Just finished watching the episode not too long ago. I actually liked it to be honest. Dewatt had an awesome dub voice. Unfortunately, they're really messing up the voices of Snivy's evolution line in my opinion; here's hoping - oh wait, that hasn't happened yet so I'll be quiet. In good news, "Who's that Pokémon?" doesn't seem like a one-time thing. I still think it's missing the addition of the Pokémon's sound after it's revealed though. It just seems bland with the sudden silence for a couple seconds before we get back to the show.

...and the writers have got to get in tune with the new Team Rocket. They're not the same as they were back in Sinnoh, so stop writing their lines so horribly. :\ Make them more of what they're trying to be, please.

Rambling aside, I think Tepig is going to be a great addition to Ash's team. The writers put in a nice twist with their animal cruelty stand there. Seeing Tepig tied up and thin like that was a sad sight. Indefinitely, it'll be one of Ash's powerhouse Pokémon. I'm just hoping it doesn't evolve past its second stage later on. Ash needs a fully evolved Water-type Pokémon, not Fire/Fighting again.

On another note, Iris has a lot more to learn about bonding with a Pokémon before capturing them; and she calls Ash a kid.

Is it just me, or is it weird having Iris introduce the group now and not Ash?
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