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I echo most of what's been said already.

- I like Tepig's voice and it's random grunts
- The who's that Pokemon skit is missing the pokemon growling it's name at the end. I also noticed the awkardness of the 5 second silence after the pokemon is revealed.
- Pikachu was about to lose that battle. Techincally impossible but to be expected with this show.
- I really like Iris. Her over confidence and haughty attitude are such a breath of fresh air compared to the rather mild and timid Dawn.
- Oshawott has the ablity to act cool and sophisticated with not coming across as a gimp..... like Piplup did.
- Funny how Tepig appeared to move superfast during the CCTV/Team Rocket bit yet when Ash accosts it, it moves slow enough for Ash to chase it down.

It's probably going to go this way but I'm hoping they don't focus too much on Tepigs internal pain and suffering after being rejected, in the future. They already did that with Chimchar and to an extent Charmander.

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