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    YES!!!!! I GOT SHINY TREECKO!!!!!!

    Finally, I got my shiny target! I had been hunting it like a madman, "lol." I got so frustrated with my lack of success that I just sat down and said, "I'm sick of not getting a shiny Treecko. I'm going to sit here and not do anything else until I get a shiny." So yeah, I spent around 8 hours hunting today, the last 3 of which were pure shiny hunting and nothing else. I was dual SRing, going for Treecko in Sapphire and the Game Corner shinys in Leaf Green. I was going to turn it in for the night after one more batch of Game Corner Pokemon, but shiny Treecko graced me as I was purchasing the final batch of the night! Honestly, I was expecting to get a Game Corner shiny first since I get around 25 or so per group (opposed to 1 Treecko per SR), but I was lucky and got my primary target!! Shiny Treecko looks really cool, too - I was expecting it to be a good shiny, but it looks even better in the actual game than its online sprite does!!

    I feel awesome! Whoo!! 2/13 Sapphire SRable shinys shone!

    EDIT: I ended up saving 5 times afterwards, "lol." I didn't want to turn the game off! :D

    EDIT II: Hunting Status:

    I've gotten Treecko safely to another game and restarted Sapphire; now I'm going after shiny Mudkip to complete my shiny Hoenn starter trio, which is a part of the larger Hoenn SRable quest. I'm thinking about trading Torchic and Treecko back over once I get Mudkip so that I can play through the game with a team of the three shiny starters. That would be pretty fun, but my only reservation is whether or not I'm comfortable with evolving my shiny starters. Any suggestions? Anyone have a good reason to hate shiny Blaziken, Sceptile, or Swampert?

    Occasionally I'll dual hunt, so here are my targets in my other games:

    Ruby: Nincada/Skitty/Zigzagoon/Whismur/Poochyena (grr...)/Taillow

    FR: Hitmonlee

    LG: various Game Corner assortments (I don't have the patience to get 80 Abra though, "lol." Good luck to ShinyDoug - it's monotonous!)

    Emerald: Not much, really. I've mass-evacuated half of it to restart for Totodile and Cyndaquil, but I don't feel like playing through right now since I'll be playing through Sapphire soon (I hope!). Besides, it's going to take a really long time to trade over the hundreds of Pokemon I have there!

    Diamond: Drifloon

    Pearl: the grass behind Lake Acuity

    Platinum: Turtwig/Piplup/Chimchar\
    Path of the Ghost: 12/18
    Path of the Starter: 10/18

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