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    Hello Combined Pokemon Solo Challenge Thread, this is heLLkitsune with his first post in this thread. I'm doing the Ultimate Solo Challenge with my all time favorite pokemon, all hail the great

    I got attached to this pokemon when I was way younger, when pokemon cards were cool (sry all Pokemon TCGamers, but I don't like the new cards).I was the champion in my city with the help of this card and that's how it got into my heart.

    yeah that's right, I started the challenge with the awesome bee and I have decided that I'm going to play the games in this order: Leaf Green , Soul Silver/Heart Gold , Emerald , Platinum and I'm not sure if I can beat the 5th gen because I don't own a copy of Black nor White.

    Although I beat Leaf Green already, I'm not going to post the whole journey right away.

    Stay tunned..