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> Jeez, kids these days. They should know everything about a region they have never been in before offhand.
> Iris, why were you going to the Battle Club in the first place?
> That was a very strange laugh right there, Ash.
> ew the theme song
> ohgod ohgod Don George's voice ;;
> Why is Iris introducing Ash?
> Thanks for telling us about type advantages, Iris.
> Goodness, I remember less of the early episodes than I though.
> Is it just me or is Iris's figure less childish in this episode?
> Iris quit being so condescending.
> Ash you remembered something useful (kind of)?!
> All Pokemon stop what they are doing to be analyzed by the Pokedex.
> Negai hints I refuse to acknowledge you.
> " it couldn't eat, and then it got really skinny!" ...Something about that statement just seems weird.
> "That voice! Who's that?!" >__> Ash you are dumb.
> "Team Rocket burns me up!" .....

Man I was so bored. :/ Thank god Cilan shows up next episode <3

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